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Long has the world suffered in darkness and evil while the Templars were forced to scatter and diminish their presence in the world. 700 years after the world was convinced the our scared order was filled with heretics, our lands and wealth plundered and distributed amongst the aristocracy of the day, and our rightful place in the annuals of history defamed, the Templars have returned to the world stage.

Headquartered in London, the Knights Templar are no longer an underground force rumored to have been dismantled by the greedy French King Philip IV in 1307 with the blessing of Pope Clement V, tortured and burned at the stake between 1307 and 1314, and our order merged with our greatest rival the Order of the Hospitallers. Little did the world at large realize, or political institutions care, that within the Vatican Library lay the Chinon Parchment which officially absolved the Knights Templar of heresy and returned the members of the order to good standing within the Church.

We are the driving force that will conquer the tidal wave of evil engulfing the world. We will push the demons back from whence they came, send the walking dead forever back into their graves, and remind all that is unnatural and unholy that Templars never forget, rarely forgive, and always defend against evil and injustice. Where angels fear to tread, Templars never hesitate.

We, the scattered and persecuted, never forgot. We have worked silently and quietly against evil for 700 years. No more shall we be the silent, unseen force that keeps evil in check.

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Kingsmouth Calling

Stitchersherd, May 9, 12 12:00 PM.
First open beta weekend for those who have keys
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